The Business of Discipline.

Starting the Day on the Right Foot

Most days before my family awakens, I go outside and jog around my neighborhood. I need to get my butt up and jog not because I want to look sexy (added bonus) but because I need a moment to reflect, discipline my body and prepare my mind for the challenges ahead of me. When I exercise, it doesn't just help condition my mind, but helps me get into a regular pattern of discipline. I tell all of my clients this, "how do you expect to have a successful business but have a weak and sick body?" 

Find an Exercise Schedule that Works for You

I am not the only one who exercises regularly. Most CEOs who run high stress operations need exercise so that they can have a clear mind for work. To be a success in business, you need to discipline your mind AND body. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been known to wake up as early as 4:30-5am and exercise in the gym. If you don't like waking up early, that is okay! Identify your preference (morning or night) and create a consistent schedule.
Make sure you also start (and continue) a regular exercise routine. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week. It does not have to be an intense exercise such as jogging, try walking around your neighborhood and enjoy your surroundings. My favorite exercise is walking. Walking has many health benefits such as mood improvement and weight control. The exercise doesn't matter, just get started in a routine. Routines help create discipline. Get into a healthy habit!

But Why Discipline?

I want you to imagine that your business is extremely successful. You are being interview by Forbes, Fortune and Money magazines. Very exciting! Other CEOs and influential people ring your doorbell and ask you for insight and wisdom. To add to the chaos, you need to manage the every day affairs of your business as well as your personal life. That takes a lot of effort and energy to make sure you keep focused and motivated to keep growing your business. You need to have a consistent "go-to" strategy to help your mind AND body not to falter during these exciting (and chaotic) times. This is where discipline comes into play. Discipline will help you focus on what is important and what is not.

Be Consistent

Often people think that once they have a routine going, they do not have to push themselves harder. Nope, sorry - that is not the case AT ALL. Discipline is an essential part of your life that needs continual improvement. Once you think you have "mastered" something, there is a tendency to coast and go on auto-pilot. As humans we want think that things are a "one and done." Fight against this impulse. We need to constantly work not just on improving our goals but HOW we stay consistent.
I don't know what your life goals are, but be sure to have a schedule and routine that is CONSISTENT. Don't fall off the wagon just because you aren't seeing the results. Your mind is trained to give up easily and must fight against this tendency. If your mind doesn't see those instant results, it tends to quickly abandon ship. Don't let your feelings discourage you from fighting. Your feelings have a way of sabotaging the best of intentions. Keep the activity going and the positive feelings will soon follow.

Need help managing your time?

Schedule a free 30-minute call with Denise let's and talk about your business goals.

Get Some Goals!

Make some goals and write them down. Put stickies in your car, mirror, desk, fridge or anywhere that will get your attention. Write, "I WILL ACCOMPLISH X by X" Make a deadline and keep staring at the promises you made to yourself. Don't ignore them even, especially in the hard times. If you need help identifying some ways on improving your efficiency and productivity, one way is remind yourself what your life was like when it was chaotic.
Think about how hard it was for you to focus and concentrate before you made new goals. Here are some productivity ideas which help you to manage your time.
Our current culture wants to keep all of us dumb, fat and distracted. AVOID THIS. You are CHAMPION. Start acting like one. Keep pushing yourself and making new goals. Discipline yourself so hard that working hard becomes an everyday routine. Don't delay, you can do this!

Sometimes Distractions are a Good Thing

Every once in a while you hit a roadblocks or sometimes your are distracted. I have heard that distractions are a bad thing, that they can limit our productivity.

Not necessarily.

Sometimes distractions are a good thing. Distractions can be used to help give yourself rest after moments of stress.

To make the most use of your "rest time," you need understand WHY you feel tired. Depending on the issue, you may need to take a day, week or perhaps a season away from your work. In video below I talk about recognizing WHY you find yourself distracted and how to keep yourself accountable.

The most important part of discipline is recognizing the times you need to fight from your rest time. Just like everything else in life - its is about seeking a healthy balance. Make sure you focus on the things that matter most but allow yourself time to rest and relax.

Need help managing your time?

Schedule a free 30-minute call with Denise let's and talk about your business goals.

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