I need help growing my website audience!


Do any of these comments apply to you?

You had a successful website launch, but suddenly you aren't getting much traffic.

Your website is over 6 months old, but you are barely making sales.

You do not know if your content is relevant to your ideal audience.


Let us review your online content

The magic is all in the content

If you do not want to pay for Google, Facebook or other online ads, you need to create quality content. Content is not just limited to articles, it includes articles, presentation, videos and images. Does your words, images and videos appeal to your ideal audience?

Web Page Analysis 

Your website functionality is just as important as your content. Slow page load times, outdated and useless plugins, unresponsive WordPress themes, broken links are amongst other things that can frustrate and annoy a user.

Do not turn off a potential customer because they cannot enjoy your content.

Stand out from the crowd

Quality content will result in high engagement

In our loud, noisy, ecosphere of social media we are bombarded with tons of places us asking us to BUY, BUY, BUY.

I do not respond to ads that scream, "Buy me" and neither do you.

People only buy from those who create genuine, original and unique content.


How we can help you

  • Evaluate your website and social media handles.
  • See how you compare to your competitors.
  • Review your web analytics and identify potential problems.
  • Provide recommendations and recommended influencers to follow.

We highly encourage you to purchase the premium package which includes a custom strategy plan.

Basic Report

Level 1

Get a custom report on the quality of your website and receive recommended improvements.

$150 - Click the link below to order. May take up to 3 business days from date of order.

Standard Report

Level 1-2

Get a custom report on the quality of your website and 3 social media accounts.

$300, Click the link below to order. May take up to 5 business days from date of order.

Premium Report

Level 1-3

Receive a custom report and a strategy plan to help improve your online presence.

$600, Click the link below to order. May take up to 7 business days from date of order.

Prefer to Discuss Your Website via Video?

Schedule a website coaching session.

This will be a recorded session via Zoom where we will review discuss your website and make improvements, as necessary.