No to Linkedin Sales Navigator

Trying to grow your business is really hard but thankfully, there are many selling resources. One of them is the Linkedin Sales Navigator.

For my service-based business I have decided not to use the Sales Navigator for my business. These are the reasons why I do not use this feature.

Avoid using the shotgun prospecting approach

I have seen SO MANY people bomb using the Linkedin Sales Navigator feature. They think they can just use the filter tool alone. This is called the shotgun approach where you blindly take faith in the filter tool to identify your ideal client.

Don't rely on the Sales Navigator alone. Take the time to READ about the prospect before sending them a message.

For example, lets say you are in B2B (Business to Business) and want to market to new business owners. Using Linkedin, you search for people with the title “new owner.  You need to look beyond just titles. Someone may have a new business but may not be new to business.

If you view my profile you would assume I am a new business owner. ‪I am not a new business owner; this is my second business. But I’ve been in business for myself for over seven years. I am not a rookie to this rodeo. ‪I just recently rebooted by Linkedin profile.

The Sales Navigator will not filter and screen out details about your prospect.

‪‪That is why I encourage you (or your sales representative) to take your time and read through someone’s profile before sending them a LinkedIn Inmail message. ‬

Make Your Messages Personal

If you want to send messages to cold contacts, make your message as personal as possible. That means taking a minute or two and to read through the prospects profile or feed. The message should be personal - for example, complimenting a recent post or article they wrote.

You may say to me, "Denise, I got tons of leads I need to get through - I do not have time for that!" But think about it this way -wouldn't you want more people contacting you? Don't you want to increase your sales ratio? Then doing this exercise is well worth the time.

Why Sales Navigator Doesn't Work for Me

Okay, you may think I am advocating for the Sales Navigator by advocating sending personal messages. Actually, I am not. I won't pay for it.

Now - don't get me wrong, you can make lots of money using the Sales Navigator. This tool would be phased out if it didn't work for many people. There are many ways to make sales and this is just one way.

I would use Sales Navigator if I had a stand-alone product where I did not have to interact with the prospect. For example, if I sold some type of software application. Just send my qualified prospect a product description link and allow them to learn more about it. I would enhance my selling odds by sending a personal message.

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Understand the Needs of Your Prospect

Service based selling is a different creature. Service needs a more hands-on approach. Just sending people a blanket message to the masses won't resonate with people. People want to know how your service is different from the competition.

I have made most of my sales by writing engaging content that is relevant, shareable and interesting to my network. They come in articles (like this) as well as the content I post in my Linkedin feed.

Another way is to ask your ideal client their wants and needs directly. This means you need to improve your networking skills and asking them questions without appearing to "salesly." Inform them you are performing market research and just want to ask them a few questions. If necessary, offer them a cup of coffee (in the form of a gift certificate) for consideration of their time.

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Are you in your clients mind? If no, you need to start learning more about them. When you start to learn more about your client, it will be easier to make a sale. For my business, I prefer to NOT USE Linkedin sales navigator.

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  1. In today’s business atmosphere meeting a contact is difficult at best. With voice mail, email, and many times skilled gatekeepers, it’s hard to get to decision makers. So when we finally do we want to go into sales mode right away.

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