More Traffic: 6 Ways to Use Information as a Sales Lead Strategy

I see a lot of people get disappointed because they are good in business but bad in sales.
Sales is an important part of business that does not get a lot of attention.
Part of the problem is misinformation.

People are mistaken believing that accumulating a lot of connections is a sales strategy. (Sorry, this is so not true)
Collecting lots of connections is not a sales strategy. It is connecting a LOT of connections. It does not matter if you use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or another social mediate platform.

I am amazed to see examples of people who have amassed huge followings but have confessed to low to little sales.
Success in business means that you are getting real ENGAGEMENT through your connections. Engagement is when people comment, like and share your content. They actively ask about your products and services and they share your information with others.
What is the point of having over 5,000 or more disinterested contacts in your network? Are you hoping that one of those contacts will turn into a sale?
Maybe? ?
Likely? ?
Probably not.

Information is the New Sales Strategy

Instead of just amassing a huge following, you need to put out content that people NEED to hear and WANT to read. People pay people who seem to be able to solve problems. I see a lot of people post only lifestyle posts (pictures of your family, cat, what you ate for breakfast). And they have a HUGE following.
There are tons of people on Instagram who post lifestyle photos and have a large following. I saw one lady who posts cat photos and has over 3 million followers. She posts 20 posts per day of her cat eating, drinking, sunbathing and playing with toys.
I mean WHAT is that all about?

Instagram of Cat Lovers Club

But for the average person, you most likely aren’t posing against expensive sports cars and drinking Mai Tais alongside celebrities in Maui. You need to be able to showcase your products or expertise. But here is the thing- most people are sick of being advertised too. They are seeing ads online, at the store and even people knocking on their front door. No one wants to be advertised to ALL OF THE time.

Most people want to LOVE you first before they love your brand.

Get people to fall in love with your brand.

I recommend a 20% of your post are promotional and sales and the 80% is solid content. This is where you show off your intellect and problem solving skills. Information is the New Sales Strategy. What are some things you can do?
Below are some examples. ⬇️
?Share an Inspirational Video

?Share a Graphic or Factoid
?Follow the trends and comment on an article.
✍? Write an article — anywhere from 300–700 words. Post it here or your website. I regularly post my newsletter on my website.
▶️Make a short video
?Upload a presentation or interesting facts.
Get your content calendar set up so you don’t overwhelm your audience with one type of content over another.


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