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Sam, a client of mine, felt irritated that he hadn’t reached his sales goals. He was doing all the right things but the results were not matching up to the effort. Sam was bringing leads in but had a poor sale rate.

Below is a recent conversation I had with him:

“Ugh, I just feel like it’s going no where...

I’m still not making my target Denise.

I thought I had a good sales funnel with a compelling landing page. I delivered my ads to the right audience and I had a great webinar turnout. In fact, 80% of my prospects who initially signed up attended. They all said they loved the content.

So, why couldn’t I convert a higher number of sales? What happened?

There are many, many reasons why Sam failed to reach his sales conversion goal. We discussed how he needed to improve the quality of his leads but importantly, we talked about refining his sales recapturing techniques.

Remember this fact: No prospective customer is truly lost.

A prospect today can turn into a customer tomorrow.

You can increase your sale conversion rate by following these tips:

Improve the quality of your copy 

image of someone typing on computerHave a clear and compelling copy on all of your marketing material.

Copy are the words you use to help promote and inform your prospects of your business. Your copy isn’t limited to your website. Your copy includes your pamphlets, brochures and other documents. 

A good copy:

  • Communicates the value and quality you provide to your customers. 
  • Uses simple and easy words. It avoids complicated terms or jargon.

However, an excellent copy:

  • Uses words that express the pain points of your target customer.
  • Clearly explains what makes your service and/or product superior to competitors.
  • Explains how your business builds, creates or assemble the products.
  • Carefully and tactfully uses key words designed to trigger an emotional response from a prospect. 
  • Expertly guides a prospect from inquiry to sale in a few short steps.

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Make an inviting and welcome website for your visitors


Special note regarding websites: Your website is your second home.

Is it clean, organized and inviting? Is your website easy to navigate or does it look like a tornado just demolished your roof? Welcome your prospect with a warm welcoming.

Here are some things to consider regarding your website:

  • Do you make it easy for prospects to contact you or make a purchase?
  • Do you provide clear, professional images of your products? Do you include a well written product description alongside your images?
  • Do you have an image or video which shows how your prospective customer can use your product?
  • Do you have a FAQ section?
  • Where is the customer contact section? Is it easy to locate from your website?
  • Do you have an engaging website? Do you offer fun games, valuable content and posts that keeps customers interested and wanting to come back for more?

Ensure your website is clean and organized with captivating words and images BEFORE you offer a single item for sale. Does your online house look clean? If so, now is time to offer products and services.

Case example: IKEA knows how to offer something to everyone

I love shopping at IKEA. For the longest time I couldn’t understand my fondness for this furniture store. I thought it was just their selection at the food court. Then I realized why they appealed to me.

IKEA sells items at different price points. Offer your customers high and low end solutions.

Depending on my need, I bought a high or low end level solution.

Are you offering products at different price points?

If no, you need to start doing it. Offer your prospects high as well as low end solutions. This will reduce a prospects’ willingness to objection to price. Give something for everyone.

I’m just scratching the surface of this issue. Most new business owners just think they can write up some words and attract an audience magically. Then they wonder why they aren’t making sales. Sales only come when you earn trust. 

There is no silver bullet, keep modifying your content until it works

The truth is it takes work as well trial and error. No one, including myself, can give you a system that will work perfectly for your business. 

However, you are guaranteed to convert leads if your copy is clean, organized and contains compelling language. But this only comes if you cater to the needs of your tribe or customer base. I promise you will make a sale soon if you follow some of these ideas.

Once you speak to the needs, concerns and fears of your prospect, they will be more than willing to make a transaction with you. Your first step is to take the time and create a profile of your ideal client. Your next step is to tailor your products and services to appeal to their pain points.

Got a question or comment? I would love to read it! Write it in the comment section below.

Do you need help closing more sales?

I’m offering a pick my brain session for new clients at a discounted rate.

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