Four Ways Plan for Your Business

Goals are essential. Not only will they help you to help motivate yourself, it will help you get some clear guidance on how to grow your business. Goals are a reflection of not just what we want to achieve, but our vision/road map for life. Here are some ways to four ways plan for your business.

Step One: Do not let your priorities get ahead of your vision

My biggest goal for my clients is to help them get clarity in their life. I frequently ask them, "What is important to you?" This is such an easy (yet difficult) question. It is hard to get a good handle on things when it feels like life is moving at a speed of 500 mph.

Some days if feels like everyone is asking for your time, at the same time! With some many things, it is hard to tell what is most important or urgent. I don't know about you but balancing my personal and professional life sometimes feels overwhelming. It is okay to be honest about that. We live in a society that wants to pretend that everyone should be okay regardless of circumstance.

Step Two: Evaluate what matters most now

Does life move way too fast? With social media and our fast 48 hour news cycle it may seem that certain ideas are outdated and stale within nanoseconds. We may not even know what is relevant to our ideal customer giving the constant input of new information. That is why it is so important to take the time to start writing down your goals so you do not get easily swayed from one thing onto another.

Step Three: Make sure your goals are SMART with a dash of Love

You may have heard of making your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) but I also want you to not forget the heart component of business. Remember, no one wants to buy a product or service that is not filled with love or passion. That love for helping others will also spill into the quality of your product or service.

Question: Are you in love in with your business or just staying in it for the money?

I am not saying we should not worry about money. Hitting a sales target or achieving a certain revenue is important. Those things are important in business, but there are other priorities. Other business priorities could include positively impacting your local community or helping a cause that matters most to you.

I have one client that is passionate about helping abandoned dogs. Another client uses her clothing to help improve the self esteem of women in battered shelters. They both want to make money but they never lose sight on what matters most. 

Step Four: Make Your Business Priorities Revolve Around Your Life.

Whatever your priority is, make sure it is relevant to you and you alone.

Do not let anyone sway you from what matters most in your life.

We all know that you need to make a profit in order to stay in business. But what good is making money if you do not feel fulfilled? That is why it is so important to think about the things that will take you closer to feeling fulfilled and happy. As you write down your goals for 2020, make sure they align with your HEART.

Never lose sight that you have to stay in love with your business. Love doesn't mean feeling happy about it 24/7, but it does mean that despite the setbacks and failures you would never dream to abandon it.

Bonus: Business Brainstorming Questions

Ask yourself, "Are my goals aligned with my grand vision of fulfillment?" If no, you may need to revise those goals. What is the point of making millions of dollars in a business only to feel exhausted, tired and spent? Do not just look at your targets, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are these goals helping to reach my overall business vision?
  2. As of now, is this business leaving a legacy I would be proud of?
  3. Am I constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to help improve the life of my customer or client? If no, what happened?
  4. Does this business give me joy (most of the time)?
  5. Is my business helping improve my local community or target customer for the long term?

After you start thinking about these types of questions, start looking at your goals and retool, refine or if necessarily, remove them. There is no point in building a brand that has no element of passion, joy or love.

Start working on these goals now. Do not let life suck you into a path that is not relevant to your personal (and professional) goals.

Thanks for reading.

Question - Have you got sucked into a business deal that did not align with your heart? What happened? How did you get out of it? Please share with me your story.

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