Our Business Coaching Program

We Teach. You Work. See Results.

Why Do You Need Business Coaching?


Custom Solutions

You are unique and so is your business.

Let's create a competitive strategy that sets you apart from your competition.


Manageable Goals

Growing your business takes time.

We help break down your goals into simple steps.


Ongoing Support

We are here for you in between sessions!

Take advantage of support from your coach as well as other business owners.



You are in business to help others and generate income!

Let's work to improve the quality of your operations.

Explanation of Our Coaching Program

This is an explanation of how our coaching program works, regardless if you select our group or private business coaching services.

The Business Coaching program is best for new business owners who need assistance learning about business fundamentals.

The Business Makeover program is designed for existing business owners who need assistance on specific issues. Group sessions are not available for the Business Makeover program.

1. 60-Minute Session with Your Coach

Coaching is a collaborative process. The first session you will work with your coach to create and accomplish realistic business goals.

Each session will be recorded via Zoom so that you can focus more on the conversation and less on trying to write down or remember every detail of the conversation.

Receive Your ACTION Plan

After your coaching session, you will receive a summary of the conversation and an ACTION plan.

For example, if the discussion was regarding networking, you will receive specific worksheets and resources to help improve your communication skills.

3. You Get to Work!

Your business coach is dedicated to make sure you become more productive and efficient.

Your ACTION plan will help hold you accountable and motivated through assignment deadlines.

4. We Follow Up with You to Monitor Progress

One week after the lesson, you will receive a follow up call from your coach to discuss your progress. The call will last no more than 30 minutes.

Note: The followup phone call is only available to clients enrolled in private business coaching sessions.

Clients are able to ask other questions regarding their lesson via Marco Polo or through Money Makers, our closed Facebook group.

Coaching Plans

Private Coaching

Includes a followup conversation.

Group Coaching

Group lesson, no followup.

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