Create Your Superstar Staff

Who is the superstar in your office? Who is the person that you go to for wisdom, advice and work to get done in your office?

Did you find them? What I want you to do is to ask them this question: “who is the most influential person in this office?” 

This is the person they believe is the true leader in the office. Their answer may surprise you. It may be more than one person. 

You may ask me “isn’t it the person who is the known go-getter in the office?” No, not necessarily. 

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Productive people may not be effective or efficient.

Often we are told that we need more productive people, however, here are some considerations about people who produce a lot of work but are not necessarily competent:

  1. The people that you think are most productive may be the best showmen in the office. In other words, they have great bravado but many not be the best productive. 
  2. There is a lot of pressure to be viewed as productive. After a while of immense productivity, there comes a point where they decide to coast and are known only for their track record of success. But what was considered successful in the past, may now be considered irrelevant. 
  3. The hardest working people are the ones no one notices until it is too late. They often fill in the unknown gaps in the office. For example, they be the one who makes the cold calls or the one who boost employee morale through their office parties. 

As a leader, your job is to make sure that there is no singular super star. This mindset places too much burden on one person. Your job is to nurture the talents and abilities of all of your staff. You may not have hired them, but they definitely can be molded into benefiting the organization as a whole.

So when you sit down with the super star worker ask them questions like these: 

  1. Who is the person who is willingly to think outside of the box and be creative?
  2. Who is the person who supports others to become more productive?
  3. Who is the person that always looks for cost saving strategies?
  4. Who finds new clients or who has the best client retention rate?
  5. Who boosts employee morale in the office?

Find those people, acknowledge their contributions and help them to be even more successful.

 Winning involves helping the entire office staff grow professionally in their unique skill sets.

Be successful by helping others become successful. Listen and talk with your staff to make sure you are facilitating an environment the promotes productivity, positivity as well as profits. That happens by looking at your staff as a collective and not focusing one or two top performers.

Besides, your top performers will unlikely stay with you for the rest of their career. If they are really successful they will want promotions or will leave your organization. Therefore you cannot risk your productivity by only focusing on one person. 

Success is already all around you.

Be a leader that encourages your staff to grow and achieve. 

Need Help Managing Your Staff?

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