Increase Your “Yes” Rate!

Have you every had a prospective sales call end TERRIBLY? Well the next one does not have to be so bad. Increase your "Yes' Rate!

In this article I talk about how to remove customer objections and be better prepared to offer solutions to your ideal customer. You will certainly get less objectives after reading the advice in this article.

A Conversation with Hannah

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Make sure you know about your prospect before your communication.

About a month ago I went to a business networking event and met a young woman named Hannah (not real name), a business communications specialist. We exchanged business cards and a few days later we talked over the phone.

Prior to our call I went to her website to learn more about her.  Her website had no photos of herself OR explanation of her services. To make matters worse, her social media pages were full of generic inspirational quotes and poor grainy images of herself.

I was not impressed.

Despite my hesitation, I decided to keep our appointment. I ALWAYS honor my appointments despite my initial misgivings.

Our conversation was rather awkward because as we spoke it was apparent that Hannah did no research on me or my business. She asked me about my outreach plans and I told her about my upcoming speaking events (which is listed on my website).

A Sad, Yet Predictable End

I ended up dominating the conversation by asking Hannah questions about her business and how she specifically helps people. In between nervous laughter, she told me about how she helps people create books and network with other business owners. I thought to myself, “how come none of this information was listed on her website?” In the end it was apparent that she was intimated by me and felt that she could offer me NOTHING. So she wasted 30 minutes of her time talking with someone who she failed to qualify.

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Avoid akward conversations by making sure you understand your prospect's business needs.

The call was awkward from start to finish. 

Do not be Hannah.  Do your research about your prospects and have a SALES plan when talking with a prospect.

What is Your Sales Plan?

My sales plan involves understanding the prospective client’s current situation, an explanation of how I can help them and a vision of how a coaching relationship would work. Obviously there is more to this than I am writing, but the point is I have a PROCESS that is retooled and refined over time.  It is a process which includes addressing objections.

Do you have a sales process for prospective clients?

If you don’t have one, I encourage you to develop one ASAP. And make sure you address objections.

Objections are a prospective client’s way of saying, “I am not confident that you can provide me the help that I need.”

Put yourself in a client’s shoes and think of every possible objective a prospective and qualified client may have.

Go ahead and write it all down and think about a script that would address those issues. In my experience I have found that most sales do not close because the sales agent failed to address the following issues: objections, doubts or concerns regarding the service of the prospective client. Break those issues and get to the yes - F A S T E R. Hope this helps someone.

Happy Selling!

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You can do it!

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